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Looking to revitalise your brand or embarking on a new business idea? The team at WhiteRhino can help.

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WhiteRhino is a Melbourne-based full service branding agency, founded in 1996. We develop unique, engaging and successful commercial outcomes for brands. WhiteRhino embraces every branding challenge as rare and unique with the outcome ultimately successful when it is applied to commerce – to build businesses, sell product and services, generate revenue and profits.

If a brand is your reputation base, made up of all your actions and communications – branding is the pursuit of building trust, preference and engagement from that base. Branding is deliberate differentiation.

So does your brand need some new thinking applied to it? There are many reasons as to when a branding agency like WhiteRhino are called in.. Experience of over 350 projects and 18 years, tells us that circumstances are different for each and every situation however three core strategies remain true.

NEW BRANDING – You have a new company, new product, new service offering or maybe have a great idea, need investor funding and need something to show that you are serious.

EVOLUTION BRANDING. Lets call its a Brand Refresh or Brand Rejuvenation. This stipulates that there are some ‘good bits’ in place with solid foundations but to maintain your competitive edge or market relevance you need to undertake a brand refresh

REVOLUTION BRANDING. Major change or a significant rebranding exercise is required. Merger acquisitions, technology, competitive differentiation is required, consumer perceptions have changed or business growth are all driving forces behind branding programmes.

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